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Services: Immigration and Naturalization

Denver Immigration LawyerIf you are facing an immigration issue for yourself or a loved one, this can be confusing, at best, and often stressful and overwhelming.  United States immigration law is complex and the stakes can be perilously high.    At the Denver immigration law firm of Saltrese DeSeguin llc,  our US immigration lawyers are honest, caring and talented.  Our Denver immigration lawyers have years of experience and an excellent success rate.

Prevent Deportation, Avoid Removal,  Consult Now with the US Immigration Lawyers at Saltrese deSeguin llc in the Denver metro area  to determine if you may be eligible for legal immigration status.

Phone 303-442-8554 (Boulder)  or 303-557-0725 (Lakewood/Denver) to contact an experienced  immigration lawyer.     Contact our immigration office  to discuss your citizenship, immigration, or deportation case with one of our knowledgeable immigration lawyers.

Our three immigration lawyers have over 40 years of combined experience.  Each attorney has extensive experience with deportation cases in the Denver immigration court, political asylum, and VAWA petitions, as well as family based immigration visas, including fiance visas, marriage based green card applications and family based green cards.


  • Deportation Defense - Removal Defense

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  • Citizenship

    Naturalization and Citizenship

    Obtaining United States citizenship makes sense for most US lawful permanent residents.  Citizenship offers protection and flexibility.  You can take that great overseas job,  without worrying about loosing your right to resume life in the United States.  If your teenage son or daughter gets a conviction for all so common teenage conduct, your family will not be facing permanent separation if your child  derived US citizenship when you naturalized.  Many other benefits are explained in the article listed below.

    Our immigration attorneys assist foreign born individuals with the path to United States citizenship.  We have experience in advising clients regarding their eligibility for naturalization, eligibility for waivers of the English requirement, and eligibility for disability waivers.  We assist with all stages of the naturalization process, from preparing and filing the N-400 application to representing clients at the naturalization interview. 

    Our office also assists in proving citizenship claims and obtaining  certificates of citizenship from USCIS.

    If you need a experienced citizenship lawyer or naturalization attorney,  phone our immigration law firm in Denver, Colorado at 303-442-8554 to schedule your consultation.

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  • Humanitarian

    United States immigration law encompasses many forms of humanitarian relief, including:

    The immigration law and the legal requirements to obtain these forms of relief are complex and exacting.   The immigration attorneys at our Colorado immigration law firm are honest, knowledgeble,  and caring lawyers,  who will handle your case with dedication.  Our attorneys work with you to obtain the best immigration result possible.   Contact our immigration law office in Denver, Colorado at 303-442-8554 to arrange a consultation with one of our superb immigration attorneys.

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  • Employment Based Immigration

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  • Family based immigration

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