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Denver Immigration Lawyers, Colorado Deportation Lawyers

Our Denver Immigration Lawyers

Our tough Colorado immigration attorneys, Sandra Saltrese-Miller and Suzan deSeguin-Hons,  are experienced in United States Immigration and Naturalization issues and dedicated to providing excellent legal representation.  Our lawyers are knowledgeable about immigration law and procedure and  welcome complex immigration and citizenship cases.  We  process affirmative and defensive asylum claims, defend immigrants from deportation in immigration court, assist with bringing family members to the United States, and appeal adverse decisions from the USCIS and immigration judges.  We also assist clients seeking United States citizenship or a green card through all legal means, and process fiance visas, U-visas, and  VAWA cases.

Our Colorado immigration lawyers and our staff are bilingual.

In you need an immigration lawyer, if you need a naturalization lawyer, if you need a Colorado asylum lawyer or if you need a deportation defense lawyer, contact us today. Schedule a consultation with our Colorado immigration lawyers in Boulder  (303-442-8554) or in Lakewood (303-557-0725), or contact us by completing out contact form.

Our Lakewood immigration law office is at 7625 West 5th Ave, Suite 216d, Lakewood Colorado 80226 and our Boulder office is at 595 Canyon Blvd, Suite E, Boulder Colorado 80302, with free parking available at both locations. 

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7625 West 5th Ave, Ste 216d
Lakewood CO 80226

595 Canyon Blvd
Suite E
Boulder CO 80302