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Suzan deSeguin, Denver immigration lawyer

Denver immigration lawyer: Suzan deSeguin

Denver Immigration Attorney Suzan deSeguinColorado immigration lawyer, SUZAN DESEGUIN,  is passionate about providing immigrants exceptional legal representation and has  been successfully representing immigrants since 1993.  As an experienced Denver immigration lawyer, her philosophy is to educate and empower immigrants, while providing them support and strong and effective  legal advocacy for their deportationasylum, citizenship or family immigration case. In political asylum cases, this talented immigration lawyer has successfully represented asylum seekers from over 25 different countries

including regions of Africa (Saharan and sub-Saharan), Asia, the Middle East and Eurasia. Her asylum clients have ranged from individuals persecuted for the color of their skin or religious beliefs to high-profile political dissidents from oppressive regimes. She  feels strongly about keeping families together and is a strong advocate for her clients in marriage based green card applications, I-601 waiver cases necessary to allow family members to return to the United States,  and she obtained a state pardon from Utah when it was the only solution to keep a beloved grandfather with his family in the United States.  She advocates for battered spouses of US citizens,having processed multiple VAWA cases successfully for both men and women.    Individuals have come to this talented immigration lawyer after their original I-601 waivers were denied and she has obtained favorable reconsideration of such cases successfully making it possible for mothers and fathers to return to their spouses and children in the United States. This attorney represents individuals before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the Asylum Office, in deportation or removal cases before the Denver Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and federal courts. She cares about the immigrants who come to her for legal assistance and provides attention to detail and exhaustive case preparation to insure the best possible results for her immigration clients.


To schedule a consultation with this Colorado Immigration Lawyer, contact the  immigration law office of Saltrese and DeSeguin llc (303-557-0725) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Client recommendations:

  • It is with a sense of great gratitude and thanksgiving that we recommend Suzan deSeguin-Hons, Attorney-at-Law, Saltrese, Faville & DeSeguine LLC,  for all immigration and  political asylum needs.  She has spent extraordinary time to superbly prepare each of my family members for each and every court appearance and interviews with all of the applicable government divisions.  She has given us courage to face what would have been very formidable obstacles for us on our own.  Her support was not only legal, but physical, mental, and spiritual as well.  She lifted us up and gave us the strength to believe that we could be successful in our endeavor to gain political asylum and that the immigration system would be fair with us.  THANKS GOD WE GOT OUR STATUS AS “ASYLEE”  We sincerely lift our hearts in deepest appreciation for all that she has done for us. EM & SM
  • I would like to thank Suzan deSeguin-Hons for all the work she has done for my asylym case earlier this year. I am overjoyed to say that my case is finally over and with the help of Suzan, I was granted asylum and can now put all my fears at ease.  As an immigrant, it’s hard for me to understand all the legal issues associated with my case, but Suzan is an expert in immigration law and is great at communicating with her clients through this difficult time period.  If you need an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend Suzan deSeguin-Hons to help you with your case.  She is very compassionate and great at what she does.  M.P.
  • I have known Suzan deSeguin-Hons for quite a long time, but just recently had an opportunity to know her as a professional.  Last year my family hired her to handle my sister’s asylum case after it had been referred to an immigration judge.  Because of Suzan we won the case.  With my sister’s case, we quickly learned that the immigration law is complex and constantly changing.  A competent immigration attorney is a necessity.  Suzan was indispensible with her complete understanding of complex, Federal immigration law.  The whole time she was educating us with the issues at hand and constantly giving us hope that we would be successful in court.  Suzan is knowledgeable, reliable, conscientious, compassionate, trustworthy and hard working.  I’m not easily impressed, but Susan has earned my resp ect. If you need an excellent immigration lawyer, Susan is the one you should hire.  She will professionally handle your legal needs and deliver a result that will exceed your expectations.  S.P.

Ms deSeguin graduated from:  Stanford University with a BS  in Chemical Engineering in 1977;  Cornell University, with a graduate degree in 1983; University of Adelaide (South Australia) with a law degree in  1991 (1st year completed at University of California, Berkeley,  Boalt Hall Law Schoo).  From 1994-2009, Ms DeSeguin had her own Colorado law firm devoted to immigration and citizenship law. Ms deSeguin is admitted to the Colorado Supreme Court,  the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and Tax Court.

From 1982-1984, she lived in Zurich, Switzerland with an employment visa,  where she worked as a research assistant at the the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), and was the co-author of four research publications (under her maiden name, S. K. Miller):

  • Adsorption on catalyst surfaces studied by enhanced Raman scattering. Wokaun, A.; Baiker, A.; Miller, S. K.; Fluhr, W. The Journal of Physical Chemistry vol. 89 issue 10 1985. p. 1910-1914
  • Raman characterization of catalysts. Wokaun, A.; Baiker, A.; Fluhr, W.; Meier, M.; Miller, S. K. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures vol. 3 issue 5 September 1985. p. 1397-1403
  • Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and the preparation of copper substrates for catalytic studies. Suzan K. Miller,   Alfons Baiker,   Markus Meier and   Alexander Wokaun.  J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. 1, 1984, 80, 1305-1312
  • Fabrication of submicron crossed square wave gratings by dry etching and thermoplastic replication techniques. Lehmann, H. W.; Widmer, R.; Ebnoether, M.; Wokaun, A.; Meier, M.; Miller, S. K. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures vol. 1 issue 4 October 1983. p. 1207-12

From 1984-1988, she lived in Paris, France first on a student visa and then with the French equivalent of lawful permanent resident status.  In Paris, she worked in the international taxation section of Peat Marwick Int'l (KPMG), where she developed a strong foundation in international taxation. From 1988-1990, Ms deSeguin lived in Adelaide, Australia where, as a foreign student, she completed the law degree she began at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California Berkeley.

Suzan began practicing immigration law in 1993 in Colorado.  She worked as a sole practioner until joining with Sandra Saltrese-Miller and Sarah Faville, to establish Saltrese Faville DeSeguin llc, a law firm devoted to immigration law.

Suzan is proficient in French. In her leisure time, she enjoys outdoor activities and trains for triathlons.


Representative cases:

2013 - Persuaded the Board of Immigration Appeals to invoke its authority to re-open a 12 year old removal case for adjustment of status thereby keeping a family intact.

2013 - I-601A provisional waiver approved with proof of emotional and financial hardship to US citizen spouse.

2012-2013 - DACA applications approved.

2012 - On direct appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals, won reversal of a first degree murder conviction where defendant had been tried under an involuntary not guilty by reason of insanity plea. Remanded to trial court for new trial. 

2011- Won asylum case before the immigration judge, despite ten year delay in filing.  Overcame one year bar based on trauma related extraordinary circumstances,  using  a psychological evaluation,  coupled with detailed affidavits regarding  applicant’s compromised day-to-day functioning.

2011 - Overcame Notice of Intent to Revoke concerning an adoption petition that had been returned by the consulate.

2011 - Gained “bona fide marriage exception” approval of  I-130 where there was  no financial commingling documentation,  using detailed affidavits from the couple, family members and friends.

2010 - On appeal, won  AAO approval of an I-601 after  denial by  the District Director.

2009 -  Through the consulate in CDJ, Mexico, obtained reopening and approval in about three weeks with an “informal (no fee)”  motion to reopen of a denied pro se I-601.

1998 - Won Utah State Pardon:  Obtained the first Utah Pardon of a homicide conviction since 1913. As there was no relief for this individual under immigration law, only the extraordinary measure of obtaining a pardon could keep this immigrant grandfather with his US citizen sons, daughters and grandchildren. I want to clarify, that I believed that the original 1980 conviction was infirm and that the man should have been acquitted based on self-defense.  As a result of the pardon, deportation proceedings were  terminated.

68 F.3d 484 OKAFOR v. INS 68 F.3d 484 (10th Cir, 1995) Prevailed on 10th Circuit Appeal of  BIA denial of Motion to Reopen for asylum based on changed country conditions. Applicant had previously been denied suspension of deportation. On eventual remand to Immigration Court, we prevailed on both suspension and asylum and the immigration judge gave us our pick.


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